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Clinical Counseling

jb dreamwork
I offer clinical counseling sessions as a part of my practice that can be undertaken separately, or used to provide complementary support to the astrological work. Clinical Counseling sessions may, if the client so chooses, include dreamwork as a means to further the helping process.

Dreamwork is a powerful way to explore the Self. In working with dreams, we work in much the same way as we work with the birthchart. We try to get inside the dream and adopt its point of view, explore and expand its imagery, and unfold its symbolism. We work with your unique "dream language" to unearth the meaning of the dream. Dreams can be used as a direct inroad to the deepest recesses of the unconscious. In this way, dreams take us straight to the heart of the work.

Purposes of Clinical Counseling

  • To explore underlying issues related to present day thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and difficulties
  • To work towards the resolution of issues
  • To clarify personal and professional goals
  • To provide specific tools and activities to assist in accomplishing goals