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josh brady astrologer chart
The main tool an astrologer uses is called a 'birthchart'. Your birthchart is based on your exact time, date, and place of birth. The birthchart, or natal chart, is a snapshot of the architecture of the solar system, as seen from your viewpoint, at that precise moment of your birth.

From a spiritual perspective, the configuration of the birthchart articulates our strengths and challenges, and our potentials. It is thought that through effort and intention, we rise to meet our highest potential, or Destiny. The potential represented symbolically in your birthchart has a profound organizing influence on how you choose to move forward on your path toward your Destiny.

Working with the birthchart is much like working with a dream. We explore the symbolism presented to us through your astrology, and connect that symbolism to your personal story. Through this work, areas of life where one may be misaligned with one's highest potential are often revealed. We ask two fundamental questions: "Who are you becoming?" and, "Where are you, or what time is it for you, in that process?"

Powerful astrological work can expose issues that have lain dormant, or that have been repressed. Once exposed, sometimes these issue require further effort in order to see them resolved, or brought to a manageable level of workability within one's life.

Often in a chart reading, it becomes clear that such an issue may need to be addressed outside of, or in tandem with, further astrological work.

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